Intro to Comp. Sci  (year) - 2

Spring 2020 -- Peter Brooks

Sample of good student homepages  
Unix commands quiz and answers (from last Friday)  
Web Authoring tools, due Thurs. 2/27, midnight Find and evaluate free web authoring tools.  That means look at the descriptions and choose one or more, download it/them and evaluate.  Write a review on the Google Docs page hat you've been sent a link for.  The program should allow you to edit both the visual version and the HTML version of your document.

If the tool that you've chosen to use is not on your own laptop (it's a web-based editor, running in your browser), then make sure that you can download the resultant HTML file that you creat,  and that you can incorporate a picture that your have on your laptop into the document.
CSS and Javascript Here's a small demo of both CSS directives and Javascript language code.
CSS controls the visual style of the content of a page, although older HTML tags still do some (like <b> and <i>).
Javascript is a full-fledged language, like Python, Java and Netlogo.  It is used to control anything dynamic on the page (anything that moves or responds).
First HTML homework, due: end of mid-winter break: Sun 2/23, midnight a) Construct a page that looks like this (your can change the text, but it should have at least a numbered list and a table with the same structure, at least a picture and a link to some blissful nirvana). 
b) Upload the html file to your public_html directory.
c) Create and test a URL that allows anyone knowing it to see your page over the internet
d) type that URL into the Comments-to-Teacher in the homework slot for this assignment
HTML References found You should find a good site on the net that offers an HTML reference and/or tutorial.  You have been sent an invitation to add the site you found to a table to show others in your class, along with your quick review as to why it's good. 
Opportunities that have come wizzing into my emailbox:
CodeDay: 24 hours of code starting on Sat. Feb 15 hosted at MakerBot (Brooklyn -- MetroTech Center)
"CodeDay is a worldwide event where student programmers, artists, musicians, actors, and everyone else can get together and build apps & games for 24 hours. Students of all skill levels are welcome  we have workshops and mentors who can help if you're new!
PACT: Program in Algorithmic and Combinatorial Thinking
A non-residential summer program at Princeton Univ.
Girls Who Code summer program (80 programs around the country): FREE, 7-week program for 1011th-grade girls (rising juniors and seniors)  FAQ
Connecting to Stuy's computers from home: Instructions here.
Monday, Feb. 3:

Try using the "ls" command with directory arguments

For instance:  After logging in, you'll be in your home directory.  Try:
ls bashcrawl
ls bashcrawl/..
ls /

You can specify any directory address with ls.  And also with ls -F as in
ls -F bashcrawl

Also, take a look at:
ls -l
ls -al

Unix commands... We're trying an experiment...   An adventure game to learn Unix commands:
Get thee into a Terminal window  (fast way: Ctrl-Alt t)
Read all of the instructions below before executing any of the commands (in red)...

Execute the following 3 commands exactly (note where the spaces and punctuation are)

scp  -r  ./
After you execute that command, you'll be asked for your password.  While you type your password, you won't see the letters you type ... that's all right, just finish and hit the Enter key.  Lots of output will be sprayed at you.  That's all right too.

cd  bashcrawl/entrance

cat  scroll

In this game, you'll be entering rooms (actually directories) using the "cd" command, and then looking at the contents of a room (the files in the directory) using the "ls" command, and then perhaps, displaying the contents of files (partcularly the "scroll" file) using the "cat" command.

If you want/have to start over, type the "cd" command without arguments, and then continue with the red command above ("cd  bashcrawl/entrance").
First task/b>: fill out your Profile on the Homework server.
  1. Go to the main class link page (
  2. Click on the Homework/Grade server link
  3. Choose the Profile menu item
  4. Choose your period and name
  5. Log in with your OSIS number as your password
  6. Fill out your email address and preferred first name only, DO NOT CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD YET.
  7. Save: (Change Profile button)...
  8. (optional, but recommended): now you can change your password for this Homework server, if you want.
  9. REMEMBER this password!
Help from Mr. Brooks Feel free to come and see me during periods 5, 6, or 7 in room 301 (just walk in) or by appointment beforehand just after school also in room 301.
Sending email to Mr. Brooks:
Send mail to:

You MUST include your name in the subject line or body of the message, otherwise I won't know who it's from.
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