Computer Programs and Resources for Stuyvesant Teachers

-- Tools by Peter Brooks  (updated 10/25/16)

Tools for all teachers

Stuy Schedule

Dynamically displays how much time is left in the current period, which period it is, current time, etc.

Stuy Schedule with Audio notifications*

same as Stuy Schedule above, but has 3 different chimes, for warning, end-of-period, start-of-period (experimental)
Teacher/Classroom list* Show all teachers, their classes, periods and current classrooms.  Sort by teacher, room, period, etc. 
Create your Classroom Seating Chart* Create a seating chart for your classroom with student pictures, in alphabetical order (if desired).  Store and use students' preferred first names.  Student data periodically updated.

Student Picture Flashcards*

Help in memorizing your students' names.

Homework Server

Allow your students to submit homework over the web -- track individual deadline submissions, submit comments on homework, send email to all or a subset of your students,

Student Absences/Lates/Cuts*

Displays to teachers and staff absence / lateness / cutting information on students.  For teachers, selection can be by teacher's class period or other groups.
* requires registration (see below)  


for Comp. Sci Teachers...

Intro to Comp. Sci. - 1

Scheme Cribsheet
NetLogo Cribsheet
NetLogo Tutorial videos

Intro to Comp. Sci. - 2

Python Cribsheet
Quick Python Reference site
Prisoner's Dilemma Emulator (PD)
Digital Logic Simulator
SPOT Assembler



Why: Several of the tools above (those marked with a red asterisk *) require registration, which means that you have to be Stuy teacher with an assigned login-id and password to use them.  For some tools, this is because of DOE regulations having to do with viewing student pictures.  For others, like the Stuy Schedule with audio notifications, I just don't want an entire computer classroom of students accessing this and turning the volume up on their computers at the right time.  So...
For all registration-based tools, except the Homework Server:  Using your DOE email account (, send the following information to me, to  Your name, and your preferred password.  I will reply to your DOE email address.

For the Homework Server (and the other tools): Using your DOE email account (, send the following information to me, to  your name, your preferred password, and which periods you want the homework server to cover (e.g. periods 2, 4 and 5).  I will reply to your DOE email address and provide the teacher's URL for you and another URL for your students.


If you have trouble with any of these tools or have questions about them, feel free to come and see me or write me email.

I'm most often in room 301 during my free periods.  You can get my schedule using the Teacher/Classroom List tool above.


-- Peter Brooks, CS & Math Dept.