The SPOT Processor

V. 0.93

Created by Peter Brooks -- MicroMind, Inc.

The SPOT Processor, a simple virtual processor, was designed to teach assembly language in an introductory CS course at the high school or college level.  It comes with a simple instruction set which looks like a stripped-down version of a normal instruction set, documentation, an emulator for the instruction set, and numerous assembly language program examples and exercises.



The SPOT Instruction Set A complete list of the instructions, with syntax and examples.
Programmer's Guide to SPOT programming Guide to writing SPOT programs, as well as details of dealing with I/O, strings, syntax, debugging, etc. (the internal culture of SPOT).
Programming Examples Working programs demonstrating the use of particular instructions and programming idioms.
Programming Exercises A set of programming problems with graded difficulty.
Installation and Release Notes How to install these web pages, as well as the Spot Emulator on your own web server.  The Release Notes detail the history of Spot versions, bug fixes and feature additions.
The SPOT Emulator A web page where SPOT programs can be checked for syntax errors and run.  Input data files are also provided to test the file reading instructions, and to supply sample data for computation.

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