Philadelphia PClassic Programming Competition

Read everything in this box below... ...and then here's what you need to do to go to the competition.
Deadline: Fri. Nov. 9
When? Saturday, Nov. 17, 2018 -- all day trip, starting at 8:10 at Stuy
Where? at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia
More information
For whom? Any Stuy students who can program in Java (well) or Python (well, but see note below) -- that includes students who are in AP Comp Sci now.
Is it a team competition? Yes, we can send any number of teams of 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 students each.
Are there categories of teams? Yes, there are 2 divisions: Novice and Standard. If you're in AP now and have just learned Java, then join (or create) a Novice team, otherwise if you're confident of your Java, then join (or create) a Standard team.
How will we get there? We'll charter a bus from Stuy and return to Stuy.  You'll need to provide a check for $35 for the bus (see below).
How will the teams be chosen? Students can create their own teams, and we (Comp Sci teachers) can help.
Is there a limit on how many students can go? If we have more than 45 students who want to go, we may limit the number above that, depending upon what the organizers say, and/or the capacity of the bus.
How hard are the problems? There are previous competition problems and solutions here:  Try one of the easier problems yourself.  In the solutions .ZIP file, there is the input file, and see if you can produce the output file exactly.  Then try one of the harder problems.
What are the rules? Rules are here:
Note that each team has only one laptop computer to work on -- this is different from other competitions.  Also, the team must supply its own laptop (at least one of you must bring his/her laptop).
How do students sign up? Sign Up Here (now closed - bus is full)

See who's signed up.
Additional questions/issues? Help with forming teams, how to prepare for the competition, whether you should go, and other questions: talk to Mr. Brooks or Mr. Konstantinovich (room 301) or email:

Here's what you have to do...
Deadline: Fri. Nov. 9
1.  Create a team with your friends, enemies, others
     (up to 4 members/team. We discourage 1-person teams). 
     Choose a team name and then Sign Up Here (each team member needs to sign up)
     (See who's signed up)
2. Print and fill in and get your parents to sign the following 2 forms:
    A. Parental Permission Form
    B. PClassic Consent Form
    Get your parents to write a check for $35 made out to "Stuyvesant High School"
Paperclip both forms and check together and hand them to either Mr. Brooks or Mr. Konstantinovich.  They can be found, when not teaching, in room 301.  Or ask where they're teaching, and approach them, stealthily, during passing and gently place the 2 docs+check into their forever-waiting hands.

Python note: This competition's primary language is Java.  The organizers have provided Python only because of repeated requests, but have said that not all of the Java documentation is available for Python users, namely you may have to be able to read some Java code that they provide to understand how to format your answers to be acceptable to the automatic grading algorithms.