Button Procedures

You'll write 5 procedures and then create 5  buttons, one button to activate each different procedure.  Note: the 4th and 5th buttons (e.g. draw the"SO") are challenge problems and are optional because they're  somewhat more difficult than the others.  Nevertheless, try your hand at them, even if you had some difficulty with one or more of the previous 3 problems.

Note: Each button, when pressed, should clear the screen first, and then draw its figure.


0.  Place the pictured buttons on the side of the screen, to bring up each of the pictures below:


1. Paint the "HA" on the screen.
 It should be (more or less) centered, using a pen-size of 2 and in white.  This is the way it should look (try to get close to this in size):


2. The Pentagon: 


3. The squares:


4. Challenge Problem: Draw a "SO".  Hint: learn to draw a semi-circle and use that knowledge (procedure) to complete the SO.


5. Double Challenge problem:

                                Gender symbols